Cindi Smith

Founder, President


Cindi is the Co-Founder and President of The Lakeside Group Assoc. Occasionally referred to as “Cindi Lou Who”, she has proven to be quite a fun character. Being the right-brain of the company, Cindi spends the majority of her day chatting on the phone with the world’s top professionals about career opportunities, favorite restaurants, and if the Browns will actually come through this year!  When she isn’t chatting, she is filtering through resumes and government solicitations, thinking of ways to grow the company, and creating partnerships/affiliates.  

Living on her own since the age of 16 (don’t ask!) and being widowed at the age of 33, Cindi is no stranger to adversity or challenges. She has been a single mom since 2002, raising two kids. It is because of her many experiences that she has the unique ability to relate to people on many levels. 

Incorporating her first company at the age of 23, Cindi has proven to be quite the serial entrepreneur. After realizing a huge need for professional and reliable commercial/residential cleaning services, she began Improving Appearances Inc. Although the company had won several contracts, she soon realized the passion for this business just wasn’t there, since she could hardly stand cleaning her own house! A year later, she pursued her Real Estate license and became one of the top producing realtors of her firm. Being the rebel she is, Cindi would directly market and help FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners- a big “no-no” in the industry at the time). While in the process of trade marking her FSBO program, a local custom builder/developer noticed her unique marketing approach and contacted her to work exclusively for him as an Independent Contractor. Here, she spent nine years hiring employees and subcontractors, marketing/business development, managing profit and loss, negotiating multimillion dollar land deals, and working with architects. Cindi’s passion for real estate also led her to buy investment property, where she began her next company, Cleveland Restorations Inc. (still an active business). At one time Cindi owned and managed 7 properties (14 units). Whew! That’s a lot of tenants! Once she had bought, sold or rented every piece of available land in Ohio (or maybe it was when the real estate market crashed with the economy), Cindi began a career in recruiting. She worked with a well known franchise firm, focusing in the Aerospace/Defense industry. As luck would have it, (and we mean this most sincerely) she found herself laid-off along with half of the U.S. population. With the encouragement and support of her family and a very good friend, Cindi then began The Lakeside Group Associates Inc. With a very deep passion for the recruiting world, she intends on growing The Lakeside Group Assoc. to several locations, in warmer climates, where she can escape the Cleveland winters. 

Cindi currently lives with her son and the love of her life, Sky, her black Doberman, who is also frequently referred to as, “Stop Chasing The Cat!”.  When she is not working you may have a hard time finding her, as she could literally be hiding out anywhere such as Downtown Cleveland, Put-In-Bay, Progressive Field, Cedar Point and even Charleston, South Carolina!


Courtney Smith

Courtney is the Co-Founder and Vice President of The Lakeside Group Assoc. It is no secret that Courtney is Cindi’s daughter (no resemblance here!).  She is the left-brain of the company and has a hand in all daily operations. Read more!