Courtney Smith

Vice President


Courtney is the Co-Founder and Vice President of The Lakeside Group Assoc. It is no secret that Courtney is Cindi’s daughter (no resemblance here!).  She is the left-brain of the company and has a hand in all daily operations. Because of Cindi’s slight computer illiterateness, Courtney is often found taking care of the accounting, researching, company documents, Candidate/Client records  and anything else that requires more than a few keystrokes. Earning her name as the “Gold Digger”, Courtney is an expert at digging for that perfect Candidate or Client. Her previous management experience has provided her the expertise for managing & motivating employees, marketing & business development, preparing for tradeshows, branding & company identity, and researching for that perfect gift to give our Clients and Candidates (i.e. sampling free chocolate, wine, fruit, and whatever else she can get sent to the office).


Being the Cool Cat that she is, Courtney Co-Founded and is the Executive Director for Voices in the Dark Animal Rescue. Voices is an all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of stray cats and dogs in Northeastern Ohio.  Only a hair away from being the “Crazy Cat Lady”, Courtney has been involved in animal rescue since 2008.


A true beach bum, Courtney is often found on the shores of Lake Erie when she is not in the office. She can also be found following Daniel Negurano on Twitter as she is aspiring to make the World Poker final table…can you say “All In”! Courtney currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Baldwin Wallace College.


Cindi Smith

Cindi is the Co-Founder and President of The Lakeside Group Assoc. Occasionally referred to as “Cindi Lou Who”, she has proven to be quite a fun character... Read more!