Searching for a new job can be a daunting task and most recruiters I’ve worked with are cold and mercenary. Not the Lakeside Group. They embody all that you hope for in a professional recruiter.


First, they are extremely well-connected. I was very impressed with the number of jobs – really good jobs – they access. It would take me all day, every day just to dig out the number of quality jobs the pros at Lakeside found for me.


They are persistent. I always was confident they were spending a good bit of time on my behalf.  Of course, I’d like to believe I was a great candidate and easy to promote but let’s face it; with all the people competing for jobs these days, you’re grateful to have a team like the Lakeside Group spending the time it takes to get a resume in front of the right people.  


 I knew they worked hard for me because they communicate. A lot. If you’ve spent any time working with most “big” search firms, you come to feel fairly ignored. Not with the Lakeside Group. You know what’s going on through regular emails, or telephone calls when appropriate. And they communicate within the group – no matter who answered if I called, they knew what was happening with my search.


I am a big, big fan of the Lakeside Group and I have no reservation to fully endorse Cindi and the team. They know that building the brand really comes from how the company treats the customer, and they do it so very well.  


Doug O.



I have been working with Cindi Smith on re-employment opportunities since I was introduced to her and her agency earlier this year.  Cindi had been recommended by a business colleague who, like me, has been unemployed for some time. 


In the months since we started working on reemployment opportunities I have come to find that Cindi is the consummate professional.  She is thoughtful and thorough, and works with a great sense of urgency.  After each of our contacts, whether by phone or email, Cindi leaves me with the feeling that she is working very hard to find a new position for me, and that she takes her work very seriously.  At the same time, Cindi has a great sense of humor and presence about her, and has the ability to keep things light while remaining very much on task and focused.  She has the kind of demeanor that makes clients (or job seekers in my case) look forward to the next contact with her.


It’s my pleasure to recommend Cindi and The Lakeside Group Associates Inc. to any organization or person looking for a new opportunity!

Les G. - Michigan


 I met Cindi when she contacted me regarding an Executive Management position for one of her Aerospace/Defense Clients.  Even though I had already accepted another offer, I have stayed in close contact with Cindi since that time.  We have talked about other opportunities and she has asked me for professional referrals from my own lists of contacts. This shows me that Cindi is hardworking, diligent, and a true professional.


As a corporate executive, I know the difficulties in finding and hiring the right person for the job.  Often times, it’s necessary to retain an Executive Recruiter to help you fill critical slots.  Cindi is tops in her profession and someone whom I would rely on time and time again to help me find the right employee or to help me locate my next best position.


Small business owners are the backbone of our economy.  Unfortunately, running a small business has numerous challenges.  These challenges can be overcome by being the kind of professional that Cindi represents.  Also, if your organization can provide some assistance to great professionals like her than I wholeheartedly recommend her to your organization.

Brian M. - Virginia



To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Cindi Smith of The Lakeside Group Assoc. to your organization. I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 27 decorations and over 35 years of career experience in the Defense industry.  I came to know Cindi when she had contacted me in regard to a Director position for one of her Aerospace/Defense Clients.  Often times, receiving feedback and next steps from large organizations can be a slow process. It was very refreshing to work with an executive recruiter who always made sure I was informed, even if she did not have new information from the company.  Cindi is diligent and committed to what she does. She takes the time to understand your goals and career objectives. Cindi has a talent for working with people and is at the top in her industry.  


I enthusiastically recommend Cindi Smith and The Lakeside Group Assoc. Inc. to anyone who wishes to have a resourceful, dedicated business partner on their side.

Ron E. - Virginia


Cindi and her team at the Lakeside Group were excellent in their professionalism, courtesy, industry knowledge and continuous follow-though above and beyond any Recruiting Agency I've worked with before. Her group is thoroughly congenial and well connected in the Aerospace and Defense industry and it was a true pleasure working with her and the Lakeside team!

Eileen M. - Ohio


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