Cindi Smith 
Courtney Smith
Cindi is the Co-Founder and President of The Lakeside Group Assoc. Occasionally referred to as “Cindi Lou Who”, she has proven to be quite a fun character. Being the right-brain of the company, Cindi spends the majority of her day chatting on the phone with the world’s top professionals about career opportunities, favorite restaurants, and if the Browns will actually come through this year!  When she isn’t chatting, she is filtering through resumes and government solicitations, thinking of ways to grow the company, and creating partnerships/affiliates. Read more! Courtney is the Co-Founder and Vice President of The Lakeside Group Assoc.  It is no secret that Courtney is Cindi’s daughter (no resemblance here!).  She is the left-brain of the company and has a hand in all daily operations. Because of Cindi’s slight computer illiterateness, Courtney is often found taking care of the accounting, researching, company documents, Candidate/Client records  and anything else that requires more than a few keystrokes. Read more!