“Be ready when opportunity comes… Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet.” 

- Roy D Chapin Jr.


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Our process

1) Co-Create The Plan

  •  Set meetings with the Client to ascertain the following:

o   Understand the organizational structure and short/long term goals.

o   Come to an agreement on dates, events and criteria for the search.

o   Define the responsibilities:

§  Reporting relationships

§  Compensation package

§  Determine the required skill set, experience and characteristics that will best support the role

  • Develop a Candidate profile and coordinate with the Client to ensure the list meets requirements/desires.
  • Discuss strategy for carrying out the recruitment process and obtain approval for placing advertisements in appropriate journals, publications, and websites.

2) Sourcing Stage

  • Launch the search for potential Candidates without discriminating against race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap or disability.
  •  Source Candidates within our own network /database as well as any referrals that can be provided from such.
  •  Develop a comprehensive list of companies and institutions to target.
  • Encourage applications from diverse backgrounds to apply by placing advertisements in appropriate journals, publications, and websites.
  • Compile a Candidate list through associations, newsgroups, directories, networking sites, periodicals, etc.
  • A thorough review of each Candidates’ resume will determine top Candidates that will directly be contacted.


3) Contact & Evaluate

  • Contact chosen Candidates on a personal basis- initial telephone interview, prior to an in-person meeting (if applicable).
  • Interview consists of  a comprehensive list of questions to evaluate the Candidate’s background, characteristics, relevant skills, and career goals/objectives skills to predict the Candidate’s suitability for the position.
  • Candidates are required to complete:

    o   Candidate Info Sheet- general information and preferences

    o   Employment Application- As determined by the Client

    o   Skills Assessment- Questionnaire, specific to position, evaluating Candidates’ relevant knowledge and expertise to better determine qualifications


  • Once Candidates pass this first stage of evaluation, a second conversation will then take place to address further questions and to determine if the Candidate will be a viable “fit” in relation to the specifications of the Client.

4) Introduction

  • Upon mutual interest and final approval, assist with the coordination of arranging phone interviews as well as face-to-face interviews with the Client’s chosen finalist(s).
  • Provide any assistance necessary in designing the interview process, interview questions, panel makeup, etc. that is needed by the Client.
  • Assist with travel arrangements for out-of-town Candidates, the interview itinerary, as well as preparing the Candidate for the interview process.
  • After the interview, debrief with the Client to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the potential Candidate
  • If necessary, discuss/arrange second interview.
  • If additional Candidates are required, The Lakeside Group Assoc. will re-brief with the Client and continue the efforts to finding an ideal match.


5) Verification

  • Upon serious consideration selected Candidates, The Lakeside Group Assoc. will conduct three phone references for each particular Candidate and will provide a detailed report of our findings to the Client. If deemed necessary by the Client, additional references may be provided.
    • References will be provided by the Candidate and will include those that have either been under supervision or have supervised the Candidate and can accurately evaluate the Candidate’s performance on the job. We may also use confidential phone references of people who have worked with this Candidate in some way in the past.
  • Based on these reference checks, The Lakeside Group Assoc. will provide the Client with any questions/concerns which need to be further explored.
  • Upon further interest of selected Candidate, The Lakeside Group Assoc can provide the Client with a formal, written assessment of the Candidate’s educational background, criminal and financial background, as well as psychological test results. If needed, the Lakeside Group can also include a drug/alcohol screening investigation, should a Client require this information as part of their HR policy.
      • We have strategically partnered with a certified agency, Hire Image LLC, a woman-owned business specializing in field of background investigation services. All necessary background checks, verification, and testing will be conducted by Hire Image or a preferred vendor of the Client.

6) Offer Stage

  • This is a critical point for both the Client and the Candidate. We can provide expert advice to help the Client present an offer that will clearly explain the salary and benefits to the Candidate.
    • Assist in the negotiations between the Client and the Candidate.
    • If necessary, we also prepare the Candidate for a potential counter-offer from their current employer, which could cause uncertainty with accepting the Client’s offer.


7) Acceptance Stage

  • Assist the Candidate through the emotional process of resigning from their current position.
  • The Lakeside Group Assoc. offers the Candidate assistance with relocation through our preferred vendors, information on communities and school systems, as well as referrals for Doctors and other professionals that help to make the relocation as smooth as possible.
  • Keep in close contact with the Candidate and the Client to ensure there is continued mutual satisfaction. If any issues were to arise, assist with problem resolution.