Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, WOW! What a Ride!
- Author Unknown


Helping Candidates find the right opportunities based on life goals, not just resume qualifications.


The Lakeside Group Associates Inc. is a woman-owned executive search firm based on the philosophy of Total Life Improvement. We offer career advancement throughout the United States in the Aerospace/Defense, and Alternative Energy sectors and provide our Clients top talent in these industries while cultivating our deep network of Candidates. However, our goal is to change the perception that one’s career is the defining factor of their success. Genuine success is measured in several aspects of one’s life such as family, health, finances etc. We intend to be a resource for Total Life Improvement, as well as career opportunities.


  • Making a BIG Impact
    While on the surface it may appear that The Lakeside Group Assoc. is helping people on an individual basis, the truth is, by placing one Candidate, we are creating quite a ripple effect. We make a positive impact not only on the Company, Candidate, and their family but also their entire community. When we place a Candidate, they then in turn buy and sell a house, spend money at local businesses, and enroll their children in school. Also, because of the nature of our industry, our Candidates are engaging in projects that contribute to the development of “green” products, homeland security, scientific research and development, and countless other areas that will benefit EVERYONE.
  • There are about 6,000 search firms in the United States. What makes us so different? 
    The single most important aspect that differentiates The Lakeside Group Assoc. from any other recruiting firm is our concentration on Life Improvement. We help our Candidates find the right opportunities based on their life goals, not just their resume qualifications. All of these resources can be found in our Changing Tides area. No other company focuses on all these aspects of one’s success. Because of this philosophy, the majority of the Candidates we place come from our own network and the referrals we receive from them. This way of sourcing for Candidates allows us to provide our Clients with the absolute top talent in their industry.
  • Although the nation’s unemployment rate has reached an almost dreadful 10%, we have found a variety of ways to put people back to work.
    The Lakeside Group Assoc. is not only well connected but very creative in finding opportunities for our Candidates.  We place bids to assist government agencies with their staffing needs, staff contract/temporary/permanent positions, and  partner with other staffing firms to help fill difficult searches. We will also directly contact top companies to market our great Candidates. 
  • Making Headlines

The Lakeside Group Associates has received the Certificate of Finalist Recognition for the 2013 Business Excellence Awards. The Business Excellence awards are sponsored by ActionCoach and are created to recognize the “Best of the Best" results in small and medium sized businesses from around the nation.  These awards showcase exceptional results for business owners, entrepreneurs, their teams and their companies.

In January 2013, independent judges concluded that The Lakeside Group Associates was worthy of international recognition and selected The Lakeside Group as 1 of 10 finalists for two award categories:

1)       Best Overall Company (less than 10 employees) category.

2)      Cindi Smith, Founder/President of The Lakeside Group Associates, also received Certificate of Finalist Recognition for the category of Entrepreneur of the Year.



In December of 2008, The Lakeside Group Associates was one of five awardees out of 1500 applicants nationwide to receive the Micro to Millions award from the Make Mine a Million $ Business (linked to, a program provided by the nonprofit organization, Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence. Major sponsors of this program include American Express, Fed Ex, Dell, Cisco and Jet Blue. This organization provides business resources, PR opportunities, education, and community support for women entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses. We are honored to have won this award, as it has been a great opportunity for The Lakeside Group Assoc.