One Company Incenting Right - The Lakeside Group Associates

Cassie Desmarais, Executive Assistant to Lakeside, was recently quoted in an article by Xactly. The article can be found here!


One Company Incenting Right – The Lakeside Group Associates

Posted by Jon Ann Lindsey

Last week we shared an example of an incentive gone wrong (a puppy? Seriously?) because the employer gave no thought whatsoever to the employee’s needs or wants – quite the opposite, really. It was all about making the boss’s life easier.

Fortunately, many other employers get it right, making their staffs feel valued by even small gestures like handwritten notes and other non-cash rewards. Here’s one example, from Cassie Desmarais, executive assistant at The Lakeside Group Associates in Cleveland. The Lakeside Group is an executive search firm that focuses in the aerospace, defense, and alternative energy industries.

Here’s Cassie:

I am astounded by the perks and incentives at The Lakeside Group. I have never felt so appreciated at any other company. I am so grateful for the way I am treated. I enjoy coming to the office each day because my superiors always treat me with respect and gratitude.

Within the first month of working for The Lakeside Group, I received a thank-you card and a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, thanking me for joining The Lakeside team. It was a great feeling that they went out of their way to express their appreciation (especially since I should have been the one thanking them for giving me such a great opportunity)!

My role is to keep track of the interview process and candidate information. Each time a candidate is hired, I receive a bonus. We also have quarterly and yearly incentives. When we meet our end-of-year goals, Lakeside takes their employees on an all-expense paid trip. If we meet 2013′s goals, we’ll be heading off to an all-inclusive resort on St. Thomas! Our quarterly goals can vary. For example, if we meet our goals this quarter, we will all receive new tablets/laptops!

In January, Lakeside was nominated for two ActionCOACH Business Excellence Awards. The ceremony was held in Las Vegas. We enjoyed a fully paid, four-day trip to Vegas! It was an experience I will never forget, and I felt so honored to be a part of it.

Most recently, on Administrative Professionals Day, I was given a box of gourmet cookies and brownies. I was also given a complimentary paid day off.

We also receive 14 days of paid time off, 10 holiday days and 7 days of unpaid time off!



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