3 Lessons from Must-See Small Business TV

Think all TV is mind numbing? Think again. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can gain valuable insights from the small business TV shows that have become so popular. Stay tuned for some real-life lessons.


Know Your Numbers

Cindi Smith, founder and president of Cleveland, OH-based executive search firm The Lakeside Group Associates, picked up valuable insights from watching investors on “Shark Tank” grill entrepreneurs on finance and market figures. “The Sharks are looking for businesses that can and will grow,” she says.

Small business TV takeaway: “Because of this, our firm has worked hard to become experts on our own numbers,” Smith explains. “Knowing how many calls it takes to generate a new client or how many candidates it takes to fill a job search are crucial. We can predict our future revenue by really knowing and understanding our numbers.”

Nobody’s advocating that reality TV is a substitute for professional insights from professionals who know you and your enterprise. But when you need a break from the spreadsheets and regulations, there are worse things you could be watching


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