We place all disciplines from Mid to C-level. Searches have included areas such as:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Management
  • Business Development
  • Program & Project Management
  • Contract Management


We wouldn’t hire just anyone and neither would you!


We couldn’t bring you top talent without having  hot shots of our own!  The Lakeside Group's team share in our company’s philosophy…that genuine success is measured in many aspects of one’s life. Our recruiters are Passionate, Persistent, Pumped, Professional, and Mind-Blowing (we know that didn’t start with a “P” but it was the best word to get our point across). This is why we match Clients with not only exceptionally qualified Candidates, but also with Candidates that share in the same ideals and values of your company.  

Many of the positions we fill are niche positions requiring specialized expertise, making them Pesky, Perturbing, Peeving, and yes, we said it… occasionally a Pain in the Ass.  Luckily we are so well connected in the Aerospace, Defense, and Alternative Energy industries that we draw from stronger talent pools. We are proud to say that the majority of Candidates we place come from our own network and the referrals we receive from them. Consider us your HR Department’s new best friend. We work as a business partner, bringing you only top Candidates that are often difficult to find.




Particularly for URGENT, SENIOR, NICHE OR CONFIDENTIAL opportunities. Your role will be at the top of our priority list and we will work with you to create a definite timeline to fill the position. Some other perks include:


  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee
  2. Definite Timeline To Fill Role
  3. Onsite Meeting (at Lakeside's Expense)
  4. Exclusivity to Candidate
  5. Bi-Weekly Reporting
  6. Word on the Street About Your Company

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If you have more than one urgent position to fill, we will work with you, one-on-one, to develop a package that is most beneficial for a successful search


Our Guarantee

The Lakeside Group Assoc. customizes each search guarantee based on the level of the position and the Client’s needs. We are proud to say that we offer some of the best guarantees in the industry.